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Established in 1937, Volkswagen has three cars in the top 10 list of best-selling cars of all time: the Volkswagen Golf, the Beetle, and the Passat. The most cars of any automobile manufacturer in the list that are still being manufactured.

Car Parts 2U stock a large range of spare car parts to suit the Volkswagen AMAROK, BEETLE, BORA, CADDY, CARAVELLE, CRAFTER VAN, EOS, GOLF, JETTA, PASSAT, POLO, SCIROCCO, TIGUAN, TOUAREG, TRANSPORTER, & UP. All our spare parts are brand new, ready to order through our secure online store and ship to you.

Choose from auto parts such as head lights, tail lights, fog lights, corner lights, front / rear bar lamps, mirrors, overflow bottles, strut mounts, wheel hubs, control arms and more…

Top Quality, Reasonably Priced Parts To Suit Volkswagen NZ

When buying your Volkswagen parts online, you want to make sure that you get quality parts.  Car Parts 2U offers you quality Volkswagen parts in New Zealand to help you maintain your vehicle in tip-top condition. We understand that the performance, safety, durability, and lifespan of your VW depends largely on the level of maintenance you give. The quality of parts you use also determines whether or not your vehicle will continue running efficiently and last longer. 

At Car Parts 2U, we provide you aftermarket and replacement parts to ensure you keep your Volkswagen in its best shape. 

Great Performance Volkswagen Parts Online NZ

When it comes to shopping car parts, you should not settle for products that won’t improve the condition of your vehicle. Car maintenance can be costly if you continue using poor quality parts. At Car Parts 2U we stock quality VW aftermarket parts and replacement parts to give value for your money. The spare parts we stock are made using modern top construction practices and technology, state of the art materials, and a great level of craftsmanship.

Our range of compatible VW replacement parts offers a perfect solution to your repair and parts installation needs for your car. 

Enjoy your spare parts shopping experience by buying from our online store. We ensure quick delivery of your parts. Whether you want a brand new set of tail lamps, a condenser, a bonnet, or a corner light set, we have a huge, huge collection of Volkswagen parts.  

Shop Volkswagen Aftermarket Parts NZ at Car Parts 2U

Car Parts 2U has been in the automobile parts industry for years and have garnered vast knowledge and understanding of customer needs. We use our industry knowledge and customer service to offer you the spare parts you need for your automobile. Buy your VW parts online in New Zealand and enjoy great value from our quality parts.

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