The Power Steering pump pressurises fluid that helps the driver turn the steering wheel easier. Leaking or broken power steering pumps can cause the car to feel heavy when turning the wheel or unable to turn at all. Power Steering pumps help make four wheel driving off road a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your 4x4 Power Steering Pumps new or 2nd hand?

All our Power Steering Pumps are brand new genuine or brand-new aftermarket.

Do your 4x4 Power Steering Pumps have a warranty?

Yes, all our Power Steering Pumps come with a 12-month parts-only warranty.

Can we fit the 4x4 Power Steering Pumps?

No, unfortunately, we are just part suppliers and do not have the facilities to fit Power Steering Pumps.

Can you ship 4x4 Power Steering Pumps?

All Power Steering Pumps are shipped out as fast as possible through tracked Australia post.

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