One of the most used parts of a car the door handles can become worn out very quickly especially when using your 4x4 off road. Being able to replace a worn-out old part with a brand-new part can make a world of difference. Offering replacement internal and external handles Carparts2u wants to ensure customers have peace of mind in a part they use every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the door handle come with a new locking mechanism?

No, all door handles sold are sold as the door handle itself. It will not include new locks or keys.

Can I fit the door handle myself?

Yes, unlike some of the parts we sell, door handles can be a simple fix and can be done at home.

Are your door handles new or 2nd hand?

All door handles are brand new aftermarket or brand new genuine. 2nd hand door handles are usually very worn.

Can we Express Post your Door handle order?

Yes, we do have an express post as an option on door handles. Please contact us to arrange for express post.

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