Bash or underbody protection plates are usually made of thick steel to add extra protection to the vehicle’s gearbox, engine, and steering rack. When off-road 4x4 driving you can encounter some tough terrain that may damage important components of your car. Bash plates have been created to ensure those components are protected regardless of the terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a custom 4x4 Bash Plate from Carparts2u?

No, Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to offer custom markings on our bash plates.

Do the 4x4 Bash Plates come with all the bolts to fit?

Yes, our bash plates will come as complete assemblies unless otherwise stated to make sure you can fit the bash plate to your car.

Can you ship 4x4 Bash Plates?

Yes, we offer shipping on all our parts including Bash Plates.

Can you fit my 4x4 Bash Plate?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have the services to offer fitting of parts.

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